A method of bypass miHoYo Children control guard in Honkai impact 3 and Genshin

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In the People's Republic of China, All games are required by law to control children. Children can only play each game for 1.5 hours every day and children do not allow to sign-in the game at midnight. When children play game for more than 1.5 hours, miHoYo Children Control Guard will show a Message Box that leads Children to sign-out.
In this article, I will analyze miHoYo Children Control Guard in Honkai impact 3 and Genshin.


In the game, I observe the time out Message Box have some interval, I will show when children play game about 1h 30min to 1h35min. In this way, I guess that miHoYo Children control guard maybe check the limit time every five minutes. And then use Fiddler to analyze the data package.

According to the data package, Honkai Impact 3 will send some data to https://api-sdk.mihoyo.com/bh3_cn/combo/guard/api/ping every 5 minutes. In the link, It has a keyword "guard". And in the response, It also has some keyword "stop:false" and "interval:300". So this may be the key link of Children Control Guard. finally, I block this link and I can play it without time limit. Also, In later 10:00 P.M., the time does not allow children to sign-in, I can still play the game.


In the same way, Analyse the data package of Genshin. The control guard link of Genshin is hk4e-sdk.mihoyo.com/hk4e_cn/combo/guard/api/ping


To bypass Children control Guard easily,
In Windows and Android, I use AdGuard to help me block that link. And I write fellow rules. (I don't usually use an Android phone,I remember somebody told me AdGuard may not work in Android8.0+. But I cannot confirm it. But If use other method to block follow link such as DNS block, It will bypass sucessful.)


In iOS, I write a Filter in Quantumult X. This Filter can reject these link. Because If I block the link api-sdk.mihoyo.com and hk4e-sdk.mihoyo.com, I will cannot login. So when I login, Filter need set to "DIRECT". After login, Set the Filter to "REJECT" to make the rule work.

One more problem

Later 10:00 P.M., Because of time limit, I cannot sign-in even if I block the check link. And I compare the sign-in request in normal time and limit time. The responses of them are the same. And I try to modify the date in response, I still can not sign-in. Therefore, I do not know how it knows the time and blocks my sign-in request.